460 Elite Orange
Minicat 460 – Elite
June 17, 2020
420 – Storm Sail
March 29, 2021

420 – 15th Anniversary Limited Edition

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For a very limited time only (starting March 2021) we have available a very special boat… The 420 – 15th Anniversary Limited Edition. Minicat’s birthday present to itself.

A 420 with all the upgrades and more carbon fibre than a Formula 1 car. Here’s the highlights:

  • Carbon Fibre Mast – Shared by only the 460 Elite, this beautiful carbon fibre mast brings benefits in terms of both performance and convenience. When setting up the boat the lighter mast makes handling a breeze. When under sail, weight is saved where it counts, i.e. as high as possible, helping keep the boat as flat as possible to attain maximum power.
  • Storm Sail included – Minicat have read the market and noticed that many people were buying a sail off a smaller boat in order to increase the wind range in which they could enjoy their Minicat. With this boat, they’ve supplied a specialised storm sail for just these situations.
  • All the Laura Dekker Carbon Fibre bits! – Rudder, bowsprit, boom (plus did we mention that mast…)
  • Wheelie bag upgrade – Haven’t had your Wheatabix today? No problem, transporting this boat is a breeze with the upgraded “wheelie” bags
  • Additional Trampoline – Go exploring, carry more or whatever it is you need. With the front trampoline you can keep the main deck clear for high octane maneuvers.
  • Neoprene shroud covers – For comfort and handling.
  • Exclusive club membership – only 15 will be produced, and that’s it!



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