MiniCat 2020 – Exciting new products!
January 10, 2020
Minicat 420 – 15th Anniversary Limited Edition!
March 29, 2021

MiniCat has pushed the boundaries of it’s range with the MiniCat 460 Elite. It takes the already high performance 460 Esprit and replaces a number of its key parts with Carbon Fibre parts. This results in a significant drop in weight and increase in rigidity and performance. The 460 Elite comes in at 53Kg vs the 460 Esprit at 58Kg, a saving of almost 9%. The Elite’s weight is almost on a par with the 420, impressive for a boat which is 40cm longer and has a mast 1 meter taller! We have the 460 Elite available to ship now and of course Minicat Channel Islands is here to answer any questions you have regarding this exciting new catamaran.

MiniCat 460 Elite

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